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FileDBA.com offers an easy and affordable way to file and publish your DBA/FBN. Whether you are launching your first business or your fiftieth, we are a one-stop shop for turning ideas into reality. Our talented team consists of business experts, entrepreneurs, software engineers, business consultants, and accounting professionals, so rest assured you are in good hands. We take your satisfaction seriously and strive to support you through every step of the process.

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We've helped over half a million companies, organizations, and individuals turn ideas into businesses. Work with us for masterful data insight, superior content, powerful technology, and personable communication.
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We’ve been at this for a while. We let the 1.1+ million filed DBAs speak for themselves, setting us apart as an industry leader.
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In 1996, our online DBA filing process revolutionized the industry. 25 years later, we’re still supporting businesses and fostering success in an ever-changing digital world.


Dec, 22
Michael Mangiamele

What a wonder internet technology has been! I went into the bank not knowing I needed a DBA to start a business checking account and they said I had to go stand in line at the counties’ DBA offices. Thanks to you I didn’t have to stand in line, actually I didn’t even have to move my body, except for some typing of the fingers and in less than a couple minutes I was done and could go back to the bank with the DBA in less than a week. Thanks for all your help, I’m glad there’s companies like you to help people like us out…

Nov, 13
Nick Nassiri

You have my gratitude for providing a great service. With one phone call to your firm, I was able to save my self a great deal time and aggravation. I discovered that your organization provided a very efficient and prompt service in filing my dba. I was really surprised how quickly and easily you handled it, I am hoping that you will expand your services to include other sectors of service. Your prices are very reasonable too. Thank you very much.

Oct, 19
J. Jeffrey Barlow

I recently use FileDBA.com for my new business, Jeffrey Photography. I have filed several dba statements over the years at my local newspaper. Using FileDBA.com was far easier and much less expensive. Excellent service and turnaround. I would not hesitate to recommend FileDBA.com and I will definitely use the service again should the need arise.

Oct, 12
Paulette Lofton

Thank you for your speedy and efficient service. I really appreciate the efficient manner in which you conduct your business. I would reccommend FileDBA.com to everyone I know that needed your service. Thanks.

Sep, 4
Damon Williams

Your staff was very helpful and professional. I will recommend your company in the future.

Aug, 31
Jin Y. Kim

I’ve previously filed DBA in person. The hassle, and time spent wasn’t worth it. This service was great. Seamless, I got a DBA filed within a couple of weeks. Great service.

Aug, 19
Andrea Layman Hall

Filing my dba was easy since you took care of the hard part. This is a good service for new businesses. Thank you.

Jul, 19
Gail Gramling

I was very satisfied with the service I received from FileDBA.com. It was very convenient and fast it saved a lot of time and hassle. The best thing of all was I could do it all from home. Thanks

Jul, 12
Bill Johnson

I would like to comment on my fruitless efforts before finding FileDBA.com. I had contacted a local weekly newspaper that does DBA’s, I was told I couldn’t get anything sent to me and that I would have to come by their office to get forms, complete them and bring them back. Very few of my questions were answered and the price wasn’t very good either. When I logged onto FileDBA.com the procedure couldn’t be more simple. Very professional, reliable and everything was taken care of at a much lower price. FileDBA.com completed all county requirements and there was nothing for me to worry about. I couldn’t be more pleased! If you want great reliable service you should go to FileDBA.com. I really appreciate it. Thank you

Jun, 19
Anne Gold

I was very pleased with the whole process of renewing my DBA. This is a terrific, full service vendor who filed everything needed by the County Recorder. I was able to continue working on my business without being sidelined with advertising requirements or time at the Recorders Office. Thank you.

Jun, 3
Sandra Baikie

Thanks you for the great service, I was amazed how promptly it was done.

May, 22
Iracema Gonzalez

I have to say using FileDBA.com was a great and simple experience. It took me almost a year of procrastination to do something about filing. I just couldn’t imagine taking time out of my day to go to the City and then do all the newspaper listings. Filing out your form on-line was quick and simple and 4 or 5 weeks later I had my official filing from the City. I would recommend you… and already have, because I don’t think I could have done it as efficiently or cost effectively as you did. Thank you.

May, 11
James A. Biedenbender

The service was outstanding. Courteous, friendly and prompt when I made an inquiry. The website instructions were concise and easy to follow. I would recommend them to anyone.

Apr, 23
Phillip Spencer

Being a creative type of person, I was terrified to face all the details of getting a business license. When I learned of the complicated process of filing a DBA I knew there had to be an easier solution. I did a Google search and found you guys. THEN I found several others but yours was the least expensive, so I chose you, thank God! All I had to do was fill out your online form, print, sign, send and you did ALL the rest! I told several friends with small companies and they were dumbfounded and a bit angry at everything they had to deal with when they went through the process…..your system is easier than reading this well deserved testimonial! Thanks.

Mar, 30
Chris Russo

Hello. I was introduced to your service by a fellow workmate who also has his own business . When I found out you were 100 dollars less than my local newspaper I was very pleased. I was further and unexpectedly pleased when I found out not only did you run my dba in a newspaper you dealt with the county as well. I am very satisfied with you service.

Mar, 10

When I filed a fictitious name a few years ago it was a really time consuming difficult process. But, thank goodness for FileDBA.com; when I recently had to file again, it was an entirely different experience. You guys made the process totally ‘turn-key’. I never even left my office and I was finished in a matter of minutes!

Feb, 24
Loren Lew

Your service saved me tremendous amount of time! If you hate going to the county recorders office, this service is the best way to go!

Feb, 4
Edith Rubio

The information on the website was extremely helpful. My only regret at this time is not using your services for all the other filing I needed to do. Your service was excellent. Thank You and keep up the good work.

Jan, 31
Erika Hattingh

The service was quick, easy and painless… totally worth the money spent! Thanks!

Jan, 28
Name withheld

Using your service was quick and painless, a smooth transaction. I would recommend FileDBA.com to anyone wanting to file a ficticious business name. Thanks for everything.

Jan, 22
Stephen Galvin

Yes, you did a great job, being able to apply online is a wonderful thing. I will use your services in the future. Thanks!

Jan, 18
Geiner Maldonado

At first I thought the experience would be difficult to deal with but it wasn’t. The process only took a few minutes and in a couple of days, the form was done, sealed and returned to me; saving me hours of time. I have recommended the service to friends and will continue to use them in the future. Sincerely,

Jan, 11
Greg Lewis

I would recommend FileDBA.com to anyone wanting to file his/her DBA paperwork. The service was incredibly simple, quick, and effortless. I received my DBA paperwork in less than 60 days and the only thing I had to do was go online, input my info, and click.

Jan, 6

Working full-time, a single mother, and starting my own business, I did not have the time to file my DBA in person. FileDBA.com was quick and convienent and I would reccomend this service to anyone.

Jan, 2
David Castillo Jr.

FileDBA.com is a convenient and easy way to register your business name. There is no reason to go personally and wait in line anymore. I have used FileDBA.com twice and will continue using their services.

Jan, 2
Joyce M. Reid

In setting up my new business, I knew I had to file a DBA but didn’t know where to begin. An online search led me to Beacon Media Group’s DBA Filing Services. What caught my eye was their claim that they could perform the entire DBA filing process for me faster and for less than I would pay. And they were right! Just a few simple steps with FileDBA.com and they took care of the rest.

Jan, 1
Gang Zhang

I like your DBA service. It really saved my time. Your service is simple, clear, fast, reliable and professional.

How do I file a DBA?

Fill in
Follow our prompts to submit your business information via our online form. We’ve broken the necessary criteria down into simple prompts. There’s no rummaging through confusing paperwork or cryptic questions here.
Once your form is complete, all you have to do is print it out, sign it, and mail it to us. It’s as simple as sending a postcard.
Let us do the heavy lifting. We will process your forms, file your DBA, and get your business ready for publishing.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve Been at This For a While
There’s no need to jump through extra hoops to validate your business. With over 25 years as a full-service marketing agency, Hey SoCal is prepared to fully support your business and foster success in an ever-changing digital world.
We Do Right By You
Your satisfaction is our top priority. But if we drop the ball, we will provide a full refund within the first 60 days.
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No hidden fees. No hourly charges. We promise.

Question & Answer

I lost/forgot my order ID. How can I get a new one?

You can log in here to check all your orders and find which you need one by date, filling type, status, etc.

I lost/forgot my customer ID. How can I find out what it is again?

If you cannot remember your customer ID, keep in mind that it is basically the email address you used for filing. If you don’t remember your password for the portal, you can reset it here.

I lost my receipt, DBA form, or my proof of Publication. How can I get a new one?

You can check the email from us confirming your new order and print it from there. You also can log into the portal and check all your orders. You can easily locate it via the Filing ID or the date you filed and you can download a copy anytime.

I printed out my DBA form but I am still confused. What exactly do I need to mail in?

If you have successfully printed out your DBA form, all you need to do is sign the form in black ink (certain counties require this to be notarized) and mail it in. It’s that simple.

Still need help? Reach out to one of our trusted team members for a hand.